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Supply & Demand Trading - Simplified.

Master the Art of Profitable, Consistent Trading & Walk the Road to Success with the New 2022 '0 to 100' Course.

Perfect Your Trading

The goal at ZCFX is to simplify the trading industry using our unique trading approach that has allowed many of our members become full time funded traders. We not only teach you the skill set but also transform your mindset into a winning one..

Become a Funded Trader

No matter your skill level - we have the proven models that has allowed the majority of our members become funded and achieve their goals. We will build you up from day one.

Join Traders Around
The Globe

We take pride in being able to have the ability to transform anyone, no matter the location, into a successful trader. Unlock your true potential today.

Online Trading Community

Upon becoming a member, you will be invited to our 100+ Member online discord community, which contains over 40 valuable channels.. Get access to private mark-ups, live trading w/ the coaches & support from everyone. There is NO negativity here and everyone is on the same mission.

Bespoke Content

Throughout your stay at ZCFX you will gain access to bespoke content which is custom to your eyes only. You also get access to our online Notion Workspace and much more resources.

If you are new to trading or you have years of experience, or even just need that extra 10% - our Mentorship is designed for you.

Luke has structured his course content to cater those who are learning from the very beginning and wanting to progress through to being a funded trader or whatever your goals are in trading - utilising his unique approach.

The course is laid out in a step-by-step manner. It's a comprehensive course designed to show you exactly how to build a highly successful trading approach. There is no fluff..

Save yourself time and speed up your journey to success by seeing how an established professional accumulates trade ideas, creates watchlists and performs in-depth mark-ups day in, day out. 

Unprecedented Education. Impeccable Results.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Trading?

If you like what you see and feel you are ready to take that next move in your trading journey then just know that there is a family of traders waiting to welcome you on the other side.

Connecting Dots
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Already Educated?

When you become a member you will get instant access to our Global Community full of like minded people who are all on the same mission to success.

However - this also applies to traders who are already educated and wanting to join a Community to discuss trade ideas, share, and connect with others. Trading can be lonely - don't let it be!

You will also get direct access to the ZCFX Team, along with Daily Chart mark-ups, Weekly Video Breakdowns, Further Education - Trade Recaps, Ongoing Video Lessons and much much more.

You don't have to worry about any negativity nor will it feel like a 'competition' like it does in other groups.. Here we are all on a mission and that is to achieve ultimate success within our trading careers.

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